BFF Professional since 2016.

In 1995 I started studying Film and Media Sciences at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universität in Frankfurt.  While at  university, I relentlessly pursued photography.  I shot portraits of anyone who would volunteer, and worked for local magazines for little or no money at all.  I fell in love with photography because I saw the essence of an emotion is what defines a person to me, and that  I can keep that moment with my camera.

After assisting for various advertising and fashion photographers such as Chon Choi and Frederike Helwig in Hamburg and London, I started working for commercial and editorial clients in 2002.  Especially Chon as my very good friend and mentor had taught me the simplicity of photography. He was able to create great images almost effortless, consciously avoiding redundant artificial lighting, wicked make up or smart post production. There was a lot of authenticity in his pictures.  
In 2008, while travelling to various Western States in the U.S. I finished the projects „The Burn“ and „Badlands“.

I feel blessed being able to do what I love to do, travelling, meeting new people and places, catching moments with my camera. My photography is about honesty, friendship and emotions. The main areas of my work are commercial and editorial photography, and I love the creative process of a team working together. I am lucky to be able to work for national and international clients.
I am based in Hamburg/Germany. 

Advertising list

airberlin, Amnesty international, Bank Vontobel, Benefin, Board Bia, Braas, Casio Europe, Cebit, Condé Nast, Coca Cola, ECE, Eve Cardinal, Funny Frisch, Gala, Gauloises, Godiva Fine Belgium Chocolates, Görtz, Gruner & Jahr Verlag, Hasseröder, HVV, Iglo, Jägermeister, KönigPilsener, Lidl, Mercedes Benz, Migros, Mini Cooper,  Nabu, Nadler, Nike, Nio Car, Pre-con, real,-, RSH, Schweppes, Sevenfriday, Siemens, Sparkasse, Starbucks, Stihl, UKTV, Vorwerk, WAZ, ZDF, Zeiss Sunglasses and more..

Editorial list

Allure US, Blond, Brigitte, Cosmopolitan US/D/F, DB Magazin,Douglas Magazine, easy, Elle US/D/China/ZA, FAZ Magazin, Fit For Fun, Gala, GIOIA!, GQ US, Marie Claire US, Maxi, Petra, Rund, Stern, Süddeutsche Magazin, Stylemag, Young Miss, Woman, Zeit Magazin, 1/4 Nach 5 and more..

Agency List:

Deep Blue Networks, Die Botschaft, Factor 3, Freundedeshauses, Grey, GrimmGallunHoltappels, Hirschen, JVM/Alster/Neckar/Limmat/Spree, McCann HH/Zürich/Shanghai, Kolle Rebbe, Leagas Delaney, MIWO Shanghai, Publicis, Rapp Germany, Ring Zwei, Scholz Berlin, S&F Hamburg, Springer & Jacoby, Unterweger, Wieden & Kennedy and more..